Texture & Innovative Surfaces

A useful technique explored to a new depth and degree. Transform a decorated napkin into an innovative piece of machine embroidery. With a fresh look at the grid you can break all the conventional rules. This really is a truly experimental surface with which you can explore a multitude of ways to stitch such as beading, twin needling and wing tip needle stitch.

Fantastic Fibre Film

Create wonderful textures by applying layers of heat, stitch, metallic paints and beads. By using this versatile product, Tyvek, with either a heat-it tool and/or soldering iron you can manipulate your surface in endless ways. Learn to support flair and style with contemporary machine embroidery with a strong use of colour to support the design skills. This could be an ideal day for the more three dimensional people out there! Start the day with an open mind and you could finish up with bags of inspiration.

Celebration of the Sea

Making waves in the world of machine embroidery. Explore the use of colour with water soluble oil pastels on layers of handmade bamboo fibres, delicate chiffons and natural fleece. Create a seascape with a difference either on your sewing machine or by hand by adding a delightful combination of mixed media, stitchery, cut-work and beading.

Create a Winter Landscape

Handmade Kozo paper will be our backdrop and by using layers of finely blended wool tops and trilobal nylon in beautiful colour ways such as rich coppers, gold's, purple heather and greens together with fine machine stitching you can return home with a fantastic piece to frame. Advice will be given on colour shading leading to graduated effects and how to tackle depth and form. We will also be using dried twigs and leaf particles just like painting with a needle.

Dissolvable Flowers

Undoubtedly the finest day for any budding machine embroiderer who wishes to explore the world of foliage, petals and literature/poetry. By stitching your favourite verses or quotes together with pressed flowers and leaves your piece can become a personal keepsake or gift. .Using a soluble base together with tulle netting and skeleton leaves, this approach to machine embroidery is driven through design, colour, texture, harmony and space.

Painting with oils & acrylics

Even if you have never put brush to canvas before, but are committed to learning how then let me show you how to express yourself through this esteemed art medium. Painting with acrylics onto a cotton canvas paper,  by the end of the day you will learn how to select: paint, canvas, brush and other materials. Practice good drawing skills, mix colour ranges, design vital compositions. Choose the best landscape settings, handle perspective and capture natural light.