NEW Childrens Workshops!

‘Woodland Collage’
Discover a personal and spontaneous art form with infinite creative possibilities! Collage had a long, vital history as a folk art before emerging as a fine art in the twentieth century. Transform everyday materials such as newspapers, magazines, fabrics, wall papers, leaf rubbings, feathers, pressed flowers, and string into a giant memento of your very own decorative “Woodland Walk”. 

‘Woven Lanterns’
Improve confidence, muscle development and hand eye co-ordination but most of all have fun with threading under and over recycled material such as plastic bags, with corn grasses.

‘Creative Scarecrows’
About 3,000 years ago in Egypt, farmers made a net device that caught the quail that were ruining their wheat crops. It was the first scarecrow. Work big with broad strokes and bright colours, never worry about making a mistake, and thrive on the chance to experiment to your hearts content by making a scarecrow

'Silk Paper Making /Lanterns'
Take this to a completely new dimension by exploring fibres such as soy bean, silk tops, heat bondable angelina, and reclaimed blue jeans fibre and cotton flax. Increase your confidence by learning the various techniques which can be used to manipulate, texturise and enhance your creation. 

'3D Modelling'
Imagination is all you need along with modroc which is a superb product for creating three dimensional work. Special little pots can be created quickly and easily whilst adding texture with skeleton leaves, wool tops and anything else to hand! 

'Felt Making'
Learn how to make felt balls/pebbles. So easy, and these can then be used in jewellery making, 3D sculpture and embroidery.

Others for 2008 include Seascape in mosaics. Colour and Meaning/Culture and Textile Surface Decoration.