My pictures are journeys representing the ever changing light on land and seascapes. There is so much to learn from nature about beginnings and endings. Different times of the day and year represent subtle variations of colour and a shift of light and movement. I may choose the same view but rework into it to represent a different moment in time. Just as landscapes are about time, each layer of embroidery, paint, pastel and wool is as important as what is on the surface, simply allowing each piece to grow and develop itself.

Creating light with embroidery is achieved by using several layers of colour. Acrylics and oil pastels are my favourite medium and in some areas I have built up a heavy impasto. Capturing the drama of light is all about the relative lightness and darkness of the tones in a particular scene. Light gives a piece a life all of its own, a unique vitality lending atmosphere and drama. Often I find myself standing in my studio waiting for the colours of the day to change and gradually reveal themselves. The colours and tonal patterns change every second - every sunrise is unique, as is every sunset. Dusk is a particularly special time of day for me - as an inky glow descends on the landscape blanketing everything in its path with a deep and vivid hue.